Project Background:

The Village maintains an integrated system of storm sewers, detention and retention facilities, ditches, catch basins, inlets and overland flow paths for the purposes of managing stormwater runoff and flooding within the Village. In order to reduce flooding impacts for problematic drainage areas within the Village, the Village's Stormwater Management Commission, staff and the Village Board contributed to a Master Stormwater Management Plan (MSMP) dated August 2011. The MSMP initially included twenty-two public infrastructure projects which are intended to reduce flooding impacts within the Village. An addendum to the MSMP in April 2012 added another six projects. The Wescott Park Stormwater Facility stood out among the 28 collective projects because of the number of properties impacted by flooding in the neighborhood.  In April of 2015, a second addendum was added to the MSMP adding 3 additional projects.  There are a total of 31 projects now.

Project Location:

Wescott Park, located at 1820 Western Avenue, Northbrook, Illinois is owned and operated by the Northbrook Park District. The Project will be within the boundaries of Westcott Park and the adjacent Village-owned streets.

Project Description:

The Wescott Park Stormwater Facility will help reduce flooding along Farnsworth Lane and adjacent streets in the vicinity of Wescott Park. The project consists of constructing a new storm sewer along Farnsworth to supplement the existing sewer, as well as construction of a stormwater chamber underneath the north half of the park. The chamber will be able to hold about 7.5 million gallons of water. Together with the new storm sewer, the project will improve flood protection to the 25-year frequency from the currently estimated 5-year frequency. The stormwater chamber will include a rainwater harvesting system, which will enable both the Village and the Park District to reuse water captured during rain storms. The lawn irrigation system for Wescott Park will use the stormwater, and we will also be able to pump stormwater into truck-mounted tanks for watering new parkway trees or cleaning streets and sewers. The project is a combined effort of the Village of Northbrook, the Northbrook Park District, and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC). The Park District’s participation is in the form of a permanent easement to allow the chamber to be located on park property. MWRDGC’s participation is in the form of a grant to help pay for construction of the rainwater harvesting system.