What does this project consist of?

The project consists of construction of a concrete storage chamber under the north half of Wescott Park. New storm sewers draining to the chamber will be constructed along Farnsworth Lane between Western Avenue and Ellendale Drive, and also on Fieldwood Drive just south of Farnsworth. Farnsworth Lane will be completely reconstructed after the sewer work is completed.


Why is this project work taking place?

Flooding occurs frequently in the Wescott Park area resulting in structural damage to several homes and street closures.  The project will greatly reduce the likelihood of flooding in the neighborhood.  The ability to re-use the stormwater for irrigation is an added benefit.


When will this project begin and when will it be completed?

The contractor will begin work in February.  Excavation for the storage chamber is scheduled to begin during the first week of March.  Construction within Wescott Park is expected to be complete by mid-August 2016 and road work is expected to be finished in November 2016.  This schedule is subject to weather conditions and coordination of work to be performed by private utility companies.  Construction activity will generally be limited to Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Will Wescott Park remain open during the construction?

Yes.  The ballfield furthest away from Wescott Elementary School will be closed during construction, but the ballfield located closest to the school will remain open.  Recess for students at Wescott Elementary will still be held on the open ballfield.  The work area within the Park will be surrounded by a temporary chain link construction boundary fence.


What are the limits of the construction area?

The construction area includes: (1) the north half of Wescott Park; (2) Farnsworth Lane from Western Avenue to Ellendale Drive; and (3) Fieldwood Drive from Farnsworth Lane to a point approximately 200 feet south of Farnsworth Lane.  The work area within Wescott Park will be surrounded by a temporary chain link construction boundary fence.


How will construction of this project affect traffic in the nearby area? 

Construction truck traffic will increase in the area, especially during the start of the project. Intermittent street closures can be expected. Detour signs will be posted.  Expect some delays.

Ballfield: Parking will remain open at Wescott Elementary School for the ballfield.
School : Allow extra time for school drop off and pick up.  School drop off and pick up may stage on varying streets due to intermittent street closures.  Watch for detour signs to be posted.


How much will the project cost and how is it being funded?

The total cost of the project is $9.65 million.  (A breakdown of the total cost is provided below.)  $475,000 of the project will be paid by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.  The balance of the project cost will be paid by the Village using funds from stormwater utility fees.  Before awarding the construction contract, the Village received bids from 17 contractors with costs ranging from $9.65 million to $13.47 million.  The engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost was $10.65 million.

Sewer Construction = $1,902,000

Excavation for the Storage Chamber = $1,257,000

Underground Storage Chamber = $5,100,000

Rainwater Harvesting System = $476,000

Pavement Restoration = $403,000

Landscape Restoration = $512,000

Total Project Cost = $9.65 million


What will the park look like after construction?

The north ballfield and the bike path along the west side of the park will be completely reconstructed.  There will be some minor changes to the landscaping around the perimeter of the park.  CLICK HERE to view the Wescott Park Landscape Plan.


Will trees be removed and will they be replaced?

The trees within the northern half of Wescott Park must be removed in order to install the storage chamber.  Restoration of the Park will involve planting nearly 70 trees, Those trees will include a variety of shade trees, evergreen trees, and flowering trees.  In addition, 50 shrubs will be planted in the Park.  A total of 8 parkway trees along the south side of Farnsworth Lane will have to be removed for the new sewer installation and a new tree will be planted to replace each parkway tree that is removed.  CLICK HERE to view the Wescott Park Landscape Plan.


What measures will be taken to make sure the storage chamber is secure?

The inlets that allow stormwater into the storage chamber will be locked to prevent unauthorized entry and the controls for the rainwater harvesting and irrigation systems will be contained in locked enclosures.


Will my water and sewer services be affected during construction?

Private water and sewer services will remain active throughout construction.


How much water can the storage chamber hold?

Approximately 7.5 million gallons


How can I submit a comment or question?

You can visit the CONTACT US page of this website.


How can I stay informed about the project during construction?

Visit this project website periodically for updates or you can sign up HERE to receive weekly e-mails on the project .