Project Update 11/11/2016


1. Completed placement of sod in the outfield of the ball fields in Wescott Park.
2. Continued watering of new sod placed in the outfield in Wescott Park.
3. Completed installation and started up the Irrigation System for Wescott Park.
4. Completed installation and started up the Rainwater Harvesting System in Wescott Park.
5. Continued work on remaining miscellaneous punchlist items required to complete the Project.


1. Complete installation of final remaining shrubs around the new transformer in the northwest corner of Wescott park.
2. Complete installation of final remaining shrubs on the small berm southwest of the new park benches in Wescott Park.
3. Complete restoration of last section of sidewalk along the north side of Wescott Park, where contractor accessed the ballfields to place sod.
4. Removal of existing pole and job progress camera at northeast corner of Wescott Park.
5. Complete remaining miscellaneous punchlist items noted on the Substantial Completion Walkthrough by the Village, Park District, and Engineer.


1.Detours, Closures, and Final Roadway Restoration:
All roadway restoration work has been completed. No future detours or closures are expected.

2.Restoration of Sidewalks:
All sidewalk restoration work has been completed. No future detours or closures are expected.

3.Parkway Sod:
All parkways disturbed by construction activities have been restored, and the new sod has been maintained and watered as required by the Project. As of November 14, 2016, Residents shall assume maintenance and mowing of the parkways adjacent to their homes. It is requested that Residents use push-type mowers for the remainder of the season while the sod continues to knit and adhere to the subgrade to prevent movement and displacement.

4.Restoration of Wescott Park:
The restoration of Wescott Park has been completed. Signs have been placed around the Park to advise residents to refrain from playing in the Park until future notice. While the Park may begin to appear to be ready for recreational activities, it will take time for the newly-placed sod and infield surface to substantially knit with the subgrade to sufficiently support foot traffic and activities without damage and disruption to the surfaces.

5.Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony in Wescott Park:
A ceremony is scheduled for 10:00am on November 15th to commemorate the success of this unique and awarded Project. The Village of Northbrook and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago will celebrate with a ribbon-cutting with the attendance of the Engineer and Contractor personnel. Residents are invited to attend.